NEWS: New evidence for Amenhotep III and Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) coregency found in Asasif?

Viel heiße Luft um Nichts wenn man mich fragt…

nice literature: Krauss, Das Ende der Amarnazeit (HÄB 7) Hornung, The New Kingdom, in: Hornung, Warburton, Krauss (ed.) Ancient Egyptian Chronology, 197-217, Krauss, Sothis- und Monddaten (HÄB 20)

A coregency still is impossible… there would be a gap of ten years in the chronology of the 18th dynasty

The Egyptiana Emporium

20140206-195200.jpg (Source: MSA Press Release).

“The Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim declared the
discovery of architectural remains (of walls and columns) in the
tomb of the Vizier Amen-Hotep Huy No. 28 in Asasif Area – Luxor.

Some of these remains carry scenes showing both Amenhotep III
and Amenhotep IV (father and son) in the same space, and one
following the other. The remains also show hieroglyphic inscriptions
of the names of both kings beside each other. The importance of this
discovery, Dr. Ibrahim says, is that it presents the definitive evidence
of the co regency between Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV because
it dates exactly at the beginning of the first Heb-Sed of Amenhotep II,
in the 30th year of his reign.
20140206-195403.jpg(Source: MSA Press Release).

Dr. Francisco J. Martin, the Field and
Scientific Director of the Spanish Mission working in the Asasif
Project said that the project started in…

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