Drink and Be Merry


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beer Jar and Saucer in situ Beer Jar and Saucer in situ

While working along the east side of the North Village, we came across a small pit sunk into the earliest mud plaster floor in the room. The pit had been sealed over with fill and a second mud plaster floor when the set of rooms had undergone renovation. The pit wasn’t very large and after clearing the remains of floors and walls, we opened up the pit.
It turned out not to be a pit, but a large jar that was only partially complete because the upper part of the jar had most likely been removed during the room’s renovation. Although no rim remained, one could see it was a large, straight walled jar of Nile silt with a slightly pointed base, a form that is quite common in Dynasty 18.
Inside the jar was a nice find – two…

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