NEWS: The mummified FOETUS: Scans reveal tiny ancient Egyptian sarcophagus contains the remains of a 16-week-old embryo

The Egyptiana Emporium

20140510-180229.jpgA CT scan has revealed what appears to be a foetus, pictured, in the centre of a tiny Egyptian mummy. The majority of the interior is taken up by folded strips of material. Within this material is a darker area, about 3-inches (10cm) long, that researchers claim is a foetus, in the foetal position with the placental sac (Source: The Daily Mail).

“For more than 40 years, mystery has surrounded a tiny mummy that lay among exhibits at an Egypt centre in Wales.

Experts were so baffled by its unusually small size and its delicate design that some even suggested it was a fake, created in the 19th century.

Now CT scans have revealed not only is the case a genuine Egyptian artefact, it contains the rare remains of a mummified foetus thought to have been just 12 weeks into development when it died.

The 20-inch (52cm) mummy is part…

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