A first glimpse – Amarna in the 21st century

Our newest volume Amarna in the 21st century is on its way. We are in the process of layout and last check-ups.

You are interested in the Amarna Period? Our volume III is the book for you!

What can you expect? We have contributions by authors from all over the world – from Poland to America, from Germany to Greece. The special idea: well-known scholars work side by side with new-comers! We will give you a first glimpse what you will find in our new book:

Kristin Thompson, Stone Inlays from the Great Aten Temple

Heidi Köpp, Ikonographische und textliche Belege für Frauen auf Streitwagen in der Amarnazeit

Natalia Klimczak, Who was Kiya – the summary of facts and fiction about the “Great beloved wife of Akhenaten”

Wolfgang Winter, Zur Chronologie der Beamtengräber in Amarna

Gregorius Kontopoulos, Tutankhamun´s widow´s pledge

Christian Huyeng, Revolution or Reaction  – Akhenaten´s  Archaism

Follow us and keep updated! As soon as the book is available we will inform you!!



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