Travel Tips Cairo – Abu Ramy, the heaven of meat and meat with meat and meat

You want to eat in Cairo? You want to eat real Egyptian food but you are sick of Koshari, Tameya (Falafel) and lentil soup? I have must-go spot for you:  Zein el Abdin Abu Ramy, (Zenhom, As Sayedah Zeinab Cairo). What do they serve? Meat, meat, meat, meat, meat and meat. Did I mention meat?? This restaurant is the nightmare of all vegetarians and the dream for every carnivore! You don´t order just a bit – you order by kilo! You can choose between lamb, lamb, lamb and lamb in all variations you can imagine. The meat is fantastic – in my opinion the best you can get in Cairo, maybe in Egypt. The meat and meat comes with salads and bread. There is kofta – very tender, spicy and just delicious. The lamb knuckles are tender but crispy and lush. Try the sausage – it is unbelievable!!! Along with those delicacies they serve you with lamb cutelet and other parts of that sweet and delicious animal. The only risk: You will not be able to stop to nosh through all that good food. In the end you will feel stuffed, full, greasy and soooo happy!!

The restaurant itself is not a beauty but the staff is friendly and very fast. The prices are more than moderate and once you visited it once you will always want to go back!!!

As you can see – we love good old Abu Ramy!!!


exact adress:

Ibn Yazid St., Ard Yaqoub, Opposite the Children’s Cancer Hospital, El Madbah
Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo, Egypt.


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