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Something really saved my life several times during my last 9 months stay in Cairo – the website!! Not especially for tourists but for people who stay longer in Cairo this service is just great. For German readers: This is the Egyptian version of services like “”. You are hungry but you don´t want to go out? You are tired of the traffic, the crowded streets – or you are just a lazy bone? otlob will save your day!

You can choose from dozens of restaurants all over Cairo – Chinese, Suhsi, Libanese or just a good burger. Here you will surely find something for your taste. The delivery costs are very low – sometimes even free – and the prices of the food are like in the restaurants. Even the cheap places like felfale offer home delivery.

Of course your order sometimes needs a bit time. This means you should choose your food and your restaurant wisely. A pizza ordered in Heliopolis and delivered to Downtown or Zamalek surely will be cold!

I can only recomned that service to all hungry people in Cairo! Enjoy your food!


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