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Theme week – topic of your choice

Hi! Welcome to all readers of our blog. This week we start a new project: You want to know something about a specific topic? We are going to discuss your choice, give literature hints, photos.. all you need! So – let´s start and tell us what topic you like!!Image


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New Kingdom tomb discovered in Luxor

New Kingdom tomb discovered in Luxor

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities announced today a new discovery in Luxor.
The discovery is a tomb of an high official called “Maai” from the 18th Dynasty, it was discovered by the Spanish-Italian mission working in Sheikh Abd Qurna on the West Bank.
The team found a funerary cone made of pottery shows the titles of the deceased including, The Secret Keeper of the God, the Supervisor of the cattle, Overseer of the fields, Overseer of the King’s horses, the Mayor,  Distinguished of Osiris and the Prince.
The tomb was discovered during the mission’s work in tomb TT109 where they made a hole in one of the walls which led to get to the newly discovered tomb.
The team is still working on removing the debris from the tomb. The inscriptions and scenes found so far are important in terms of showing the details of the daily life of the deceased beside his relation with his family. It also shows the luxury were available to high officials at that time.
Abd El Hakim Karar, director of Upper Egypt Antiquities said ” The scenes in the tomb include one of “Maai” and his wife who called “Nefert” as well as scenes of banquets, hunting and making offerings.
Dr. Mila Alvarez Sosa, the head of the mission said ” I am happy with this discovery especially it is her first season of the concession in this site.”
She added that there were different expertise cooperated in the excavation between the Egyptian and Foreign archaeologists of different specialties.
The Min Project site

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An ancient Egyptian piece of a sarcophagus return to Egypt

A piece cartonnage from an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus was offered to Ministry of Antiquities from a French citizen

A carttonage piece of a painted ancient Egyptian sarcophagus (Photo: Nevine El-Aref)

A French citizen offered Egypt a piece of ancient carttonage from a painted sarcophagus he inherited from his grandfather

Minister of State for Antiquities, Mohamed Ibrahim, announced that the piece is 19cm long and that the Ministry of Antiquities is working with the Egyptian Embassy in Paris to bring the piece to Egypt this week.

The minister added that Egypt has also recovered a marble statue of a lion from Germany and a collection of Ptolemaic vessels made of glass from France. According to Ibrahim, these objects were stolen from store galleries in the northeastern city of Qantarah Al-Sharqiyya as a result of the lack of security that overwhelmed the country following January 2011 revolution.

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Egypt’s Brotherhood, Islamist groups denounce Taba terrorist attack

Egypt’s Brotherhood, Islamist groups denounce Taba terrorist attack
Responses vary, with the Muslim Brotherhood calling for a quick investigation into Sunday’s bombing and the pro-Morsi National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) directly blaming interim authorities for the attack

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups have denounced Sunday’s deadly bomb attack in South Sinai on a tourist bus and called for the culprits to be brought to justice.

The Brotherhood, from which ousted president Mohamed Morsi hails, published a brief statement on its website Monday, demanding that justice be served through transparent procedures as soon as possible.

The Brotherhood was officially deemed a terrorist organisation by Egypt’s interim authorities following an explosion at a police headquarters in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura which left 16 dead.

The ultra-conservative Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya also released a statement Monday denouncing the bombing, adding that killing peaceful tourists is forbidden by Islam, state-run MENA reported.

The group also said that it is increasingly worried at the number of individuals who are using violence to confront an ongoing security crackdown against both Islamist and secular protesters.

Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya was responsible for a 1997 terrorist attack in Luxor governorate which left at least 58 foreigners and four Egyptians dead. Since then the group has abandoned violence, and denounced all terrorist attacks following Morsi’s ouster.

However, the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL), a pro-Morsi coalition of Islamic groups including the Brotherhood and Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya, adopted a harsher tone towards Sunday’s attack in Taba.

In a statement published on the NASL’s official Facebook page, the coalition accused Egypt’s “coup authorities” – the current interim government – of being too busy “chasing after peaceful protesters and increasing oppression and poverty” to prevent terrorist attacks.

Interior ministry spokesperson Hani Abdel-Latif said on Monday that the bomb attack was caused by a suicide bomber who boarded the bus and detonated the explosion immediately after.

Attacks on army and police personnel have spiked following Morsi’s ouster. Sunday’s bombing, though, is the first to directly target tourists.

Egyptian liberal and leftist political groups were quick to denounce the attack on Sunday.


Blast hits Sinai tourist bus in Egypt’s Taba, at least 4 dead,-Islamist-groups-denounce-Taba-.aspx

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February 18, 2014 · 12:07 am

Missing Parts of the Memnon-Colossi, Luxor Times

 Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim announced that the European Egyptian mission directed by Dr. Hourig Sourouzian working at the site of Amenhotep III temple at Kom El Hitan on the West Bank of Luxor, discovered quartzite blocs belong to the missing parts of the northern colossi of Memnon.
The discovered blocs are parts of the right arm and the decorated royal belt of the colossus.
Those parts, according to the minister, were lost in the ancient days as a result of an earthquake that caused complete destruction of the temple and all was left of it were the colossus of Memnon.
 The arrow refers to where the bloc belongs
At the moment, there is an ongoing project to reinstate the discovered parts to their original statues using the latest restoration techniques.
Ali Al Asfr said “The blocs measure between 88cm height and 76 cm width. The mission also found parts of the royal crown as well as other parts of the bases of the two colossi.
Dr. Hourig and Dr. Abd El Hakim Karar

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Bomb damages Egypt’s National Library and Archives, al ahram online

Arab inspects the damages inside the NLA

The car bomb which gutted Cairo’s central police headquarters early on Friday morning has also caused severe structural damage to Egypt’s National Library and Archives (NLA), located across the street from the security directorate targeted in the blast.

Minister of Culture Saber Arab told Ahram Online that all the NLA’s lighting and ventilation systems were completely destroyed, while the decorative facade, representative of Islamic architectural styles, had collapsed. He added that all showcases and furniture inside the building had also been badly damaged.

NLA head Abdul Nasser Hassan told Ahram Online that seven unique manuscripts and three rare scientific papyri had also been damaged. Hassan estimated that the losses will cost the government at least LE50 million in repairs.

Built in 1870 by Khedive Ismail and modelled on the national library in Paris, the NLA has since been Egypt’s treasure house for manuscripts, rare books and ancient Egyptian papyri. Ismail, one of modern Egypt’s great rulers, was known for pushing Egyptian culture and heritage into the international spotlight. As part of Ismail’s vision, the NLA has served as a national university and has nurtured and inspired thousands of thinkers and scientists.

Following the 1952 Revolution, the original building became so overwhelmed with books that a new site overlooking the Nile was built in 1971. However, the building was left unused for more than 25 years and fell into disrepair.

A restoration project launched in the 1990s saw the opening of the NLA’s current building in Bab Al-Khalq, not far from the heart of old Islamic Cairo.

The building was heralded as a remarkable example of integration, fusing historic Islamic architecture with more modern styles, and consisting of one main floor, two mezzanines and a three-storey manuscripts museum.

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Thiefs and smugglers – Edmonton Journal

Meanwhile, Egypt’s top prosecutor referred three Germans to criminal court on charges of smuggling and damaging antiquities and six Egyptians for acting as their accessories.

Hisham Barakat said authorities issued arrest warrants for the alleged German thieves, who fled to their country after the incident. He said authorities would communicate with Germany to restore the pieces they say were taken last April under the pretext of use for research.

The Egyptian defendants are already in detention.

Barakat says the Germans, along with their Egyptian guides, entered the famed pyramids of Giza with permits to visit but not excavate, and left with samples of stone from the ramparts of two tombs and the burial room of King Khufu.

Egyptian archaeologist Monica Hanna says the German researchers wanted to use the samples prove their hypothesis in a documentary they later filmed, which says that the pyramids were built by a people that pre-dates the ancient Egyptians.

The online documentary, removed in the wake of the controversy, showed one researcher inside the inner chambers of the Khufu pyramid, taking samples from the king’s cartouche.

Egypt has experienced a security vacuum since its 2011 uprising. Thousands of artifacts have been stolen.”

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Very nice:

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So called Psammetik once again – Luxor Times

The ministry of Antiquities excavation team working in Tell Tabila in Dakahliya discovered 3 human skeletons dated back to Late Period underneath the sarcophagus they found last week.
 So we will start with last week’s discovery as we couldn’t get photos of it then.
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim announced the discovery of a mud brick mastaba dated back to Late period. The Mastaba was discovered by the Egyptian team while excavating in Tell Tebila in Dakahliya governorate in Delta.
The mastaba measures 7 x 10 meters divided into burial shafts.
The minister said ” The team found a limestone sarcophagus in the Mastaba dated back to the 2nd century B.C. for a woman called Werty daughter of Rtrs. The sarcophagus is 1.77 meters length, 37 cm width by the feet and 70 cm width by the chest. The mummy was found in the sarcophagus in a good shape of preservation.”
180 Ushabiti were found lined up horizontally in a space of 40 cm x 40 cm. All of those Ushabtis were taken to the restoration lab for needed conservation.
Ali Asfar, Head of the Ancient Egyptian antiquities department said “The discovered sarcophagus had a human shaped lid with inscriptions in hieroglyphics shows the titles of the owner.”
He also added that further excavations will take place which could help in finding more information on the sarcophagi owner.
Today, the Minister added more to the discovery as 14 amulets were found by the first Skelton represents  Amun, Horus and Nephtys. 29amulets were found with the second Skelton while 12 amulets including Udjat eye, djed pillar and scarab beetles were found by the third Skelton.
The Egyptian team also found in the mastaba, two limestone tombs shaped like sarcophagus and covered with slabs of limestone.
In the first tomb, a  mummy was found covered with a gold plated cartonnage and inscriptions in hieroglyphics including a cartouche of King “Wah Ib Re” -Psamtik  I of 26th Dynasty.
The mummy is in a bad state as a result of the high humidity.
A wooden chest was also found contains 300 faïence Ushabtis and amulets including Alba bird (white wagtail bird) amulet.
In the second tomb, also a wooden chest was found contains 286 Ushabtis and the remains of internal wrapped body parts.
The area is a Late Period cemetery including Dynasty 22 till Dynasty 26 sites. The Egyptian mission of the ministry of Antiquities still working on the site.
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In my opinion there is nothing secure about calling this mummy Psammetik… we need the entire inscription first. The cartouche could be part of a title or dedication.

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Tutankhamun Replicas – Luxor-Times

New Replicas of Tutankhamun´s treasure
The ministry of Antiquities signed an a protocol with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture in order to produce replicas of some of the objects of King Tut Ankh Amon collection. The replicas will be displayed at the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome, Italy. This step comes after returning the original objects which were on display at the academy.
Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities said “Displaying replicas of the original treasures including the Golden mask, Golden sarcophagus and the chariot will help to encourage Italian tourists to visit Egypt to see the genuine treasures as well as shed more light on the most important Egyptian antiquities. It also reflects the artistic skills and the ability of Egyptian artists to revive the heritage with all its details and precision.”
Amr El Tybe, director of the replicas production unit, said ” There is a group of specialised artists and technicians use the same artistic production methods as it used to be and with the same materials the ancient Egyptian artists would have used.”
More about the Egyptian Academy of Arts in Rome
How the genuine artefacts got there at first place
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